Fiat & Abarth Books and Literature

Updated: Feb 27, 2017

Below is a list of the Fiat and Abarth related books and literature that I’ve collected over the years.  It’s not in any particular order. I’ve given a little info on each and include a table of contents, if applicable.  At the end of the list, there are a several available for download.  Enjoy!




Carlo Abarth by Gianfranco Fagiuoli and Guido Gerosa.  197 pages with sections of b/w and color photos.  Text in Italian.  Published in 1967.  In issue #80 of The Stinger, it said that this book would be translated in future issues.  I’m not sure if this took place.

Table of Contents:
7 – Dal monopattino all motocicletta
22 – Un sidecar contro l’Orient Express
34 – Porsche, Cisitalia, Abarth
55 – Pioggia di record
79 – Il leggendario Scorpione
111 – L’uomo Abarth
123 – Tabelle die record
133 – Tabelle delle vittorie

Mine is autographed by Carlo Abarth.

Abarth King of Small Cars

Abarth King of Small Cars by Alfred Cosentino. Published in 1985. 322 pages.Among a bunch of great information, this book also includes partial reprints of the FAZA Bibles Editions 1 and 2 and the Fiat 850 Competion Manual (available for download below).

Table of Contents:
I – Introduction
1 – Abarth Small Cars to Date
123 – Abarth Printed Matter
166 – Independent Abarth Material
177 – FAZA 1st Edition 1963
190 – FAZA 2nd Edition 1968
217 – FAZA Competition Manual 1970
265 – Abarth Magazzini Zero, California
272 – FAZA, Fiat, Abarth, Lancia Publication
273 – Part and Accessories
281 – Autobooks Selected by Jim Johnson
286 – FAZA North
288 – Bridgehampton Raceway
300 – More Part and Accessories

Abarth Owners International - AOI books
Abarth Owners International 1-8 by Alfred S Cosentino. Eclectic books in Cosentino’s signature style. Interestingly, the sides of Abarth King of Small Cars and the Abarth Owners Internationals show that Cosentino had more of them planned with how the Abarth emblems line up.


FAZA/Car Graphic Abarth Guide by Alfred S Cosentino. There are two editions of this book. The first edition came with a cardboard slipcase and a red cover, like mine. Second editions came with a slipcase covered with pictures and a blue cover. I am told that there are no other differences between the two.

Obert's Fiat Guide

Obert’s Fiat Guide by Genevieve Obert. Published in 2005. 296 pages.  Can be purchased from Fiat Plus here.

Fiat Abarth 500 600 Seicento

Fiat & Abarth 500, 600 & Seicento by Malcolm Bobbitt. First published in 1993 and updated in 2003. 192 pages.  Can be purchased from Amazon here.

Table of Contents:
8 – After Zero
23 – Design and development
32 – Challenge from Italy
47 – Evolution
67 – A new Topolino
82 – Small is beautiful
105 – The variants
132 – The end of an era
147 – Living with a baby Fiat
178 – Appendices
190 – Index


Abarth by Pat Braden and Greg Schmidt

Table of Contents:
6 – An Overview
12 – A Brief Carlo Abarth Biography
22 – The Accessories Empire
28 – The Early Cars
34 – The Record Cars
44 – Fiat 600-Based Abarths
66 – Fiat 850-Based Abarths
76 – The Simca-Abarths
82 – All-Abarth Engines & Cars
92 – A Look At Racing
106 – Buying & Owning An Abarth
118 – How To Rebuild An Abarth Engine
133 – How To Convert To Fiat 850 Power
145 – Interchangeable Parts List
159 – Guide To Parts Sources

Abarth 850 TC e 1000
Abarth 850TC e 1000 by Aligi Deganello and Elvio Deganello.  Published in 2001. 216 Pages. Text in Italian.  Fantastic pictures.  Can be purchased at Amazon here.

Table of Contents:
7 – Prefazione
9 – Le Abarth derivate dalla Fiat 600
85 – Storie di corse (1961-1976)
187 – Dati e numeri

Abarth Gold Portfolio
Abarth Gold Portfolio 1950-1971 by R M Clarke.  172 pages. I really enjoy both of the Gold Portfolio books.  They contain many reprinted articles from various period publications.  Can be purchased at Amazon here.

Fiat Gold Portfolio
Fiat 600 & 850 Gold Portfolio 1955-1972 by R M Clarke. 176 pages.  Can be purchased at Amazon here.

ABARTH Catalogue Raisonne

Abarth Catalogue Raisonne. Published in 1986. 245 pages. Text in English, French, and Italian. Many b/w and some color photos. Came with a postcard for caption corrections.

Table of contents:

7 – The history
9 – Karl Abarth
25 – Carlo Abarth in Italy
29 – Abarth from 1949-1971
63 – Abarth from 1971-1986
89 – Abarth: the races
139 – Abarth Models
145 – Catalogue Raisonne
146 – Models
233 – Record Models
243 – Records list

Abarth Fiat-based cars

Abarth Fiat-based Cars by Andrea & David Sparrow. Published in 2005. 78 pages. Mostly photos with a few descriptions.  A good coffee table book.  Can be purchased on Amazon here.

Abarth Buyer's Guide
Abarth Buyer’s Guide by Peter Vack. Published in 2003. 128 pages. Compact book with model specific information.  Unfortunately, the b/w photos are pretty grainy – like old newspaper pictures.  Can be purchased on Amazon here.

Abarth the Man the Machines
Abarth the man, the machines by Luciano Greggio. Published in 2002. 520 pages. A big, heavy book with lots of color and b/w photos.  This book also had some limited editions that were signed, numbered and had a different dust jacket.  Can be purchased from Amazon here.

Table of contents:
8 – Engines in his blood
20 – The racing adventure
46 – Cisitalia, the great illusion
60 – Exhaust systems and a lot of courage
102 – The hunt for success
140 – Dedicated to winning
202 – The Scorpion takes all
258 – A lot of ambition and a little bitterness
326 – The price of triumph
362 – Driving into the sunset
409 – From victory to victory, 1949-1971
507 – The international records
509 – Bibliography
510 – Index

Abarth All the Cars
Abarth All the Cars by Elvio Deganello and Arturo Rizzoli. Published in 2009. 192 pages. Chock full of b/w and color photos.  Can be purchased from Amazon here.

Table of contents:
10 – The custom cars
40 – The Fiat 500 derivatives
52 – Derivatives of the Fiat 600
72 – Racing Grand Tourers
92 – Rally Cars
114 – Sport and single seater cars
160 – Record cars
166 – Sports road cars
190 – Stages in the life of Carlo Abarth


Car Magazine Memories Abarth.  This magazine is awesome!  242 pages of excellent color photos.  Text in Japanese.  Published in 2001 by Neko Publishing.

Table of Contents are in Japanese.


Fiat + Abarth The 26th in the World Famous Cars series.  Text in Japanese.  Came out in 1987.  150 pages with lots of B/W and color photos.  Unfortunately, this book is so small that, in order to have nice-sized pictures, the pictures are printed across pages.  So, there are many pictures that have a big section you can’t see clearly due to the center crease.

Table of Contents are in Japanese.

Abarth La Magie Du Scorpion
Abarth La Magie Du Scorpion. Published in 2011. 128 pages. Text in French.

Table of Contents:
8 – La naissance du Scorpion
20 – Double arbre et carrosseries speciales
34 – Le mariage avec Fiat
46 – L’aventure Simca
60 – Les modeles competition
72 – Modernisation du concept
80 – La championne meconnue!
96 – Fin de regne?
104 – La derniere piqure?
116 – Le revouveau…

Carlo Abarth
Carlo Abarth – Mein Leben mit dem genialen Autokonstrukteur by Anneliese Abarth.  Published in 2010. 188 pages. Text in German.  Lots of good b/w and color pictures.  Can be purchased from Amazon here.

Fiat 600 1955 - 1970 by Alessandro Sannia
Fiat 600 1955 – 1970 by Alessandro Sannia. Published in 2011. 92 pages.  Lots of great b/w and color photos and ads.  Can be purchased from Mr. Fiat here.

Table of contents:
2 – Il progetto 100
4 – La 600
36 – La 600 D
56 – La 770 S
58 – 600, 600 Multipla e 600 Taxi
80 – La 600 Familiare
88 – Le 600 commerciali
90 – Le 600 costruite all’estero

Fiat 600 fuoriserie by Alessandro Sannia
Fiat 600 fuoriserie by Alessandro Sannia.  Published in 2004. 134 pages.  Text in Italian. Full of b/w photos of all sorts of Fiat 600 models listed A to Z.  Can be purchased from Mr. Fiat here.

AQ Vol 23 No 1
Automobile Quarterly Volume 23 Number 1 – Includes a section written by Alfred S Cosentino.

The New Fiat Guide by Jan P Norbye

The New Fiat Guide by Jan P. Norbye.  Published in 1969.  Fiat only, no Abarth.  An interesting book from the point of view of a talented auto writer reviewing various Fiat models when they were new.  Many diagrams and b/w photos.

Table of Contents:
7 – Fiat Today
24 – From Birth to Industrial Giant
39 – Fiat in Racing
55 – From Topolino to 600
65 – From Balilla to 1100 R
74 – Six-cylinder Fiats
83 – The OSCA Experiment
90 – The Dino Story
101 – Fiat 850 Series
111 – Fiat 124 Series
129 – The Future of Fiat
136 – Repertory of Fiat Cars 1899 – 1969

Fiat & Abarth Tricks

Fiat & Abarth Tricks by Greg Schmidt  Download PDF

Fiat Lancia Bible 3rd

FAZA Fiat Abarth Lancia Bible 2nd? Edition by Alfred S Cosentino  Download PDF From the dates inside, I can tell that this was printed in Fall 1967 or Spring 1968. Perhaps this is a 3rd edition. I’m unsure. Can anyone verify?

Fiat Abarth Lancia Bible 5th Ed. - Penny cover.

FAZA Fiat Abarth Lancia Bible 5th Edition by Alfred S Cosentino.  The 5th edition came in at least two versions. The one on the left is the original version with the Penny Cosentino front and back covers, which came out between 1972 and 1976.

Fiat Lancia Bible 5th revised

This one is what I call the revised version, had fold-out front and back covers, and came out in 1984.

Fiat Lancia Bible 6th

FAZA Fiat Abarth Lancia Bible 6th Edition by Alfred S Cosentino.  Came out starting in 1984.


FAZA Fiat 850 Competition Manual by Alfred S Cosentino  Download PDF

Is there any interesting Fiat or Abarth literature – 600/850 related – that I’m missing?  Let me know using the contact page or email me at Cheers!


2 thoughts on “Fiat & Abarth Books and Literature

  1. Hello!
    Thank you very much for pdf download of ‘FAZA Fiat Abarth Lancia Bible 2nd? Edition’ and ‘FAZA Fiat 850 Competition Manual’! Much obliged!
    In 850 manual it can be seen Mr. Carlo Abarth and Mr. Alfred S. Cosentino together in 1970!
    I have FAZA / CAR Graphic Guide, cardboard cover box has Carlo Abarth on and it has blue covers.

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