Fiat Manuals & Instruction Books

Updated: Mar 5, 2017

Below is a list of the manuals, instructions books, etc. that I’ve collected over the years.  I’ve made some available as word-searchable PDFs for download. The file sizes can be fairly large, because I’ve scanned them at a pretty high resolutions.  Look for the links after the titles.  Enjoy.



1964 Fiat 600D Instruction Book  Download PDF This is one of the four necessary Fiat 600 books if you’re working on it yourself.  Get this one, a shop manual, the spare parts catalog, and the bodywork catalog (available for download below).

1972 Fiat 850 Spider Owner's Manual

1972 Fiat 850 Spider Owner’s Manual  Download PDF


1967 Fiat 850 Spider Supplement Download PDF

Haynes Fiat 850 Manual
Fiat 850 Owner’s Workshop Manual by Haynes

Autobook Fiat 850
Fiat 850 Owner’s Workshop Manual by Autobooks

Fiat 850 Shop Manual
Fiat 850 Shop Manual Download this book here.

Autobook Fiat 600
Fiat 600, 600D & Multipla Owner’s Workshop Manual by Autobooks republished by VelocePress.  Available on Amazon here.


Fiat 600 Shop Manual. Can occasionally be found for a reasonable price on eBay or you can purchase a copy from FiatPlus here.

Fiat 600D Bodywork
Fiat 600D Bodywork Spare Parts Catalog  Download PDF Full of exploded diagrams and parts numbers. Very helpful.


Fiat 600D Spare Parts Catalog  Download this book here.


Fiat 600 and 600D by P. Olyslager.  The author packed a ton of info into 100 pages.  Not quite a replacement for a proper shop manual, but close.

Fiat Safe Motoring Hints
Fiat Safe Motoring Hints 6th Ed.  Download PDF Came with the purchase of a new Fiat car. Contains courteous diving tips.  Would be considered quaint by today’s standard.

Weber 28 ICP Service Manual
Weber 28 ICP and 28 ICP 1 Service Manual  Download PDF


Weber 28 ICP Exploded View and Part List  Download PDF

Glenn Mitchell Collision Estimator - Fiat 600 600D
Fiat 600 & 600D Glenn Mitchell Collision Estimator  Download PDF

Frame Dimensions
Fiat 600 Frame Dimensions Download PDF


A.E.A. Tune-Up System for the 600D Sedan  Download PDF


1959 – 1975 Dupont Fiat Paint Codes  Download PDF  My 600D was painted 363 Green.  I’m thinking of painting it 615 Light Gray and 115 Medium Red.

Is there any interesting Fiat or Abarth manuals – 600/850 related – that I’m missing?  Do you have any scans to share?  Let me know using the contact page or email me at Much appreciated!


5 thoughts on “Fiat Manuals & Instruction Books

  1. hi there – wonderful resource! u dont pehaps have an Owners Manual for the Fiat 850 of the 1960’s on file? wld really appreciate access! regards Martin

  2. We’ll done been looking for Fiat 600 parts list for few years… Busy restoring a 600, 600D and 1960 Multipla..

    Ive got Motor Books manual but very basic


    Johan Pretorius
    Hermanus South Africa

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