Fiat & Abarth odds and ends

Updated: Feb 28, 2017

This page is dedicated to the Fiat & Abarth stuff I’ve collected over the years that doesn’t deserve its own page.

Such as:


An Abarth tachometer bezel.  It sits on the left side of the standard instrument cluster and houses a Jaeger mechanical tachometer as seen in the picture on the right.  This bezel is in excellent condition.  Anybody in need of one?  Make me an offer.  SOLD.


An Abarth radiator.  The core section is larger than the standard 600/D core.  You’ll notice the bottom right corner where the stud that connects to the body is raised up.  You can see it very well in the lower right-hand corner in the picture to the right.



An Abarth auxiliary radiator.  It’s marked by FIRSAT and is mounted up front or underneath the car just in front of the transaxle.


Abarth exhaust hole cover.  I need to weld this one up, and it’ll be good as new.  You can see it on the left side on the picture to the right.


Dual wiper blades.  Mine is missing a Koala wiper blade.  Interestingly, this set has three brands of hardware.  The wiper blade is Koala, the section that attaches to the car is Arman & C, and the section with the screws is Motorcraft – I think, it’s hard to make out.  You can see it in the picture on the right.


An Abarth steering wheel, similar to the one on the right.

Graf kit for Fiat 600 and Fiat 850

The Graf kit. It’s a pretty cool piece that replaces the timing chain with an exposed cog belt. It will keep looking awesome even after the belt breaks and you’ve bent your valves. 🙂  I have never seen another Graf kit around, but it’s very similar to the Triger kits you see for sale here (ABA 0338).  I was planning to use this on a Fiat 850 until I switched to the Fiat 600D and I had no use for it anymore. – SOLD
Fiat 600D Cog Belt DriveFiat 600D Cog Belt Drive
A cog belt drive kit. It’s used, of course, to replace the mundane V-belt. I may end up using these. It will depend on if I can attach an EDIS trigger wheel to the crankshaft pulley.
Fiat 600D Engine Support Beam
A custom made engine support beam. I’ve always loved the idea of swapping out the stock beam an putting in a sleek one like this to show off the engine more – especially if I have the cogs on. 🙂 The plate sticking up on the right is for mounting a remote oil filter. Since I’m reversing the oil flow on the 903cc engine, I’ll need a place to put the filter.
Fiat 600 Clean Engine Bay

Here was my inspiration. I don’t know who owns it, but I think it’s fantastic!
Abarth 850TC Front Sway Bar2014-041cose-gl-b16_5-2

The front sway bar from an Abarth 850TC or 1000 Berlina. There is a really good picture (above right) of it on Supplemental Page 7 of the Abarth 1000 Berlina Homologation paper. (See my post Fiat & Abarth Documents and The Stinger for download.)
BWA Wheels 004BWA_Test_Fit
New, vintage BWA wheels made in July of 1969 still in the box. 🙂  BWA stands for Benzoni Wheel Accessories (A. Benzoni & C. Srl.), based in Italy. I have written them to see if they can identify the model for me, but they have not answered. They should look very nice, though!

An Abarth-ish crankcase vent.  Don’t know if I’ll use this or not.

Steel main caps.  These steel main-bearing caps are much stronger than the stock cast iron caps and will really stabilize the crankshaft. They are precision machined to key into the block and make it more stable, too. All that would necessary is to have the block and new bearing caps line bored. They don’t have any oil line holes, but that’s good because they would get blocked anyway when reversing the oil flow.
Tripod CV-joint conversion from MotoMax in Poland. This kit replaces the rubber coupler with a tripod CV-joint.  I’ll probably try this at some point when the 903cc goes in.
If you want to change your generator over to an alternator like I do, you don’t have to spend $150+ on those single-wire racing alternators – unless you really want to.  The one I purchased is for Toyota forklifts, Lester part number 12180.  I purchased it from Pat’s Small Engine Plus for $65.
Fiat 850 PBS Shorty Water Pump

Here is the ‘Shorty’ water pump made by PBS Engineering (no longer in the Fiat parts business). It’s commonly used as a substitute to the very expensive Abarth water pumps for when you’re moving the radiator up front. Not only is it generally quite a bit less expensive than the Abarth unit, it uses an impeller from Toyota, which means that it’s easy to replace.  I believe that the impeller part number is GMB 170-1280 (see the comments section below).

If you have any questions or comments, please use the contact page or email me at  Thanks!


7 thoughts on “Fiat & Abarth odds and ends

  1. Nice car! I am restoring-abarthising a 600 myself. The BWA wheels are beautifull, my Father has a 1968 alfa gtv with the same patern in 14″. they seem to be extremely rare, if you find out their name, or anything about them, i’d be gratefull if you let me know!.

  2. No problem. When I came across your site I figured it was time to figure it out for my car. The timeframe and having the GMB cast on mine got me there. Looks like they are still available even though they are from some pretty old cars/engines. The cross ref info is good o know too. Rockauto has some slightly different numbers (like one digit off), but I imagine it is due to up date/grades.

    Did BWA ever get back to you? I have 3 of their Sportstars and looking for a 4th or to sell/swap them.

  3. I am interested in purchasing some of the parts listed here. Please send me a message, so we can start talking. Greetings, Dean

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