Future Plans for the 600D

The purpose of this page is to capture the different ideas I have for future modifications for the 600.  I’m not sure which, if any, I’ll get to, but here they are:

1. Install the 903cc motor and front mounted radiator and shroud for the needed additional cooling.

Nameless Performance made this radiator for me out of an intercooler. The bottom three rows are for oil cooling. All the rest of the rows are for coolant. This design makes more sense to me than the right/left split.
I had them add bracket bolts and an air-bleeder up top, then anodized black.
Fiat 600D Front Mount Radiator Black Anodized

2. Install MegaSquirt and the throttle body injection from a 1990 Honda Civic.

3. Ditch the distributor and install the Ford EDIS system. The EDIS information I would recommend first is: Ford EDIS technical information and then EDIS Ignition Control with MegaSquirt-II (if you’re using MegaSquirt).

4. Acquire an 8-port cylinder head, PBS, Astech, or Vizza, it doesn’t matter, and install the throttle bodies from a 2000 Honda CBR900RR.

PBS 8-P head

Vizza head


5. Install turbo.


6. Paint job.

4 thoughts on “Future Plans for the 600D

  1. I install a Mazda RX7 oil cooler up front and it’s low profile doing a good job,now am interested to know about this Audi / VW 5 speed gear box which model and year ? I have a upull junk yard that I can visit, any info will greatly appreciate B R Lenny

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