Part 4: Brakes – Drums to Discs and Everything Related

Updated: Feb 9, 2017

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In this episode, I’ll be converting the Fiat 600D’s front drum brakes to Fiat 850 front disc brakes.

While I was driving my little city car around in the city, doing no more than around 35 mph, I realized that the stock, 7-1/4″ drum brakes were not up to my standards.  Even with everything stripped out of my light car, making it even lighter, the 4-wheel drums were not quick to slow it down.  In fact, the poor braking performance was noted in the Road & Track road test article from Nov, 1961, “Unhappily, the brakes were not up the standard set by the rest of the car; the required pedal pressure is much higher than one would think necessary for so light a car and when the brakes are applied hard, they set up a shuddering that is very disconcerting.  The car will definitely stop, but the weird pulsing that feeds back through the brake pedal is something to think about while you wait for things to come to a halt.”  I couldn’t agree more.
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