Part 3: Restoring the undercarriage

Previously on My Fiat 600D
Part 1: The Car – Before I Bought It
Part 2: The First Six Months

And now, I restore the undercarriage of My Fiat 600D.

In Part 2, where I crawled all around my car, I discovered that, while fairly rust free on the exterior, it had some rust I needed to take care of underneath. The plan was originally to get this all done over the winter, but that didn’t happen. News flash to me – winter is cold and not very enjoyable to work in. So, it took longer than I thought it would, but that’s OK. That’s part of what keeps a project car from becoming a chore – no deadlines. If I’m not enjoying my work on it, I’ll put my tools down and come back to it later.

At the end of Part 2, you can see that I had removed the interior and drive-train. This was done to make the car as light as possible, in order to roll it over without causing any damage, hopefully. I bought a bunch of baby crib bumpers at Goodwill and placed them in the places I thought the car would need them the most. My brother and I then rolled it over on it’s passenger side. I had to prop it up with a couple of green, plastic rain gutters.
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